Chancel Choir

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  "I will sing of loyalty and of justice; to you, O Lord, I will sing." Psalm 101:1  We are looking for a few good men...and women to sing God's praises.  Are you looking to be a part of a group at CPC?  Try CHOIR!!! Check out our NO EXCUSES policy. You're not a real singer? [...]

Donor Helps Preschool’s Tuition Financial Aid Grow

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Donor Helps Preschool's Tuition Financial Aid Grow to Make a Difference in a Childrens' Lives Forever Covenant's Preschool operates on a self-supporting financial footing, but it also has a healthy tuition financial aid program. The aid program has been in place for several years, but this year a generous donation from Covenant’s Ruth Moore has doubled [...]

Angels among us!

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Angels abound in Covenant’s family! Witness the recent matching campaign to raise the money to upgrade the sanctuary sound system. Angels quickly stepped up to match the original angel’s challenge. Most recently Ruth Moore saw the need to supplement the preschool’s financial aid fund and, like the angel she is, donated $3,000 to fill the fund. [...]