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Dr. Lisa Thomas Letter from Canada #10

April 10, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

My Fulbright Visiting Scholar Speakers Program trip to Brock University was very successful and eventful. I arrived Sunday at the Toronto airport, where Spy Denomme-Welch, Assistant Professor in the Tecumseh Center at Brock, in the  Faculty of Education, drove me to St. Catharines, Ontario. Monday,following a tour of the Brock University campus, I had lunch with 13 faculty and administrative personnel at Alphie’s on the Niagara and UNESCO escarpment, and later that day, I performed a  concert in the new FirstOntario (no space – correct spelling!) Performing Arts Center, Cairns Recital Hall on their new 9′ Steinway Concert Grand piano.  Wow.  They had prepared a special surprise for my stage entrance:  Sakoieta, a Mohawk Indian, played the water drum, and his wife, an Oneida Indian, and he sang a song together in the Mohawk language.  The performance went very well.  Then Tuesday, I gave a lecture for the Indigenous Studies class with power point and examples on CD and on a keyboard. I was given a guided tour of the Naigara Falls area and got to walk around the new monument, The Landscape of Nations.

Wednesday, I gave a different lecture with power point slides and examples by CD and performing on a keyboard to the Aboriginal Student Services Center, followed by a catered luncheon and time to visit with the students.  I attended a drumming event at the Fort Eerie Native Friendship Center that evening.  Thursday, I was given a tour of Toronto by Susan Melnichuk, International Programs Director at Brock,  on the way to the airport.  We went to the CBC TV and radio station and toured the Glenn Gould Concert Hall, and museum area, then stopped to see the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto.  I am attaching pictures from this week at Brock U.

I saved this quote by Glenn Gould in the Concert Hall foyer:  “In a quest for perfection, he sets aside the hazards and compromises of his trade.  As an interpreter, as a go-between, serving both audience and composer, the performer has always been, after all, someone with a specialist’s knowledge about the realization or actualization of notated sound symbols.

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, I attended Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples in Edmonton.  It is a large church, with a balcony, and had 3 services at 10am, 11:30 am, and 1 pm.  All 3 services were packed, shoulder to shoulder in all of the pews, even in the balcony.

Are you sitting down?  You’d better sit down now.  I also applied for the Fulbright Western Hemisphere Regional Travel Program. Like the extra trip grant above, this one also has to be done during the term of my current Fulbright, and I must return to my Fulbright Commission before going back to Texas.

I received two formal invitations: one from Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano of Cusco, Peru to perform, and give lecture presentations, and one from Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in Lima, Peru to perform, and give lecture presentations.  I have received the approval from the Fulbright Commission in Uruguay for the grant for this trip to South America and I leave this coming Friday.  So, I will be in Cusco, Peru for Easter Sunday.  My concert is Monday. Then I fly to Lima for 3 days of performance, and lectures.  Yes, I will send pictures from Peru.



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