Dr. Lisa Thomas Letter from Canada #8

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Dr. Lisa Thomas Letter from Canada #8

Dear Friends and Family,

My concert March 10th was very well attended.  I am enclosing just one of many pictures, and a pdf of the program booklet that was printed for the occasion.  I also got to play an encore. One of my new Indigenous friends, Chickasaw, loaned me the authentic headdress for the stage area and an Indigenous student, Cree, played the Cree drum for my stage entrance in the white buckskin dress at the beginning of the concert.  I showed the cultural background slides with power point as I played each piece. I had an Indigenous caterer serve Indian tacos at the reception with wild berry tea and wild peppermint tea.
Donations were collected at my performance for an award to be presented at the end of the semester to a student who best composes a new 2-3 minute Classical Native composition.  The entries will be performed at a composition recital at the end of the semester, and I will choose the winner of the award.

The very next day I had a live radio interview for the full hour show at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) NR 92.
I haven’t taken a day off since I came on January 1st until now.  Captain and Hearth flew up Sunday from Texas.  We drove to Jasper, Alberta where we will be snow skiing for 3 days at the Marmot Ski Basin.  The scenery here in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is spectacular.

Yes, we brought Lala with us.  She will have a babysitter while we are skiing.  I took a chance on what I found on the internet for a place to stay and we really like it – Pocahontas Cabins, so if you ever come up here to ski, I would recommend this place.


PDF File of Lisa’s Program





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