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Dr Lisa Thomas Letter from Canada #9


Dear Family and Friends,

This newsletter has been longer in production due to a very busy schedule.  I am sending you a couple of pictures of my presentation for Indigenous Studies on March 29th.  They are not .jpg, so I hope you can open them as a picture.

I performed at The King’s University in Edmonton yesterday, a private, non-denominational Christian University in Edmonton.

I got to perform on one of the 9′ concert grands that used to belong in the home of world famous pianist, Glenn Gould. Great turnout, played an encore and sold every CD I took with me.  Should have taken more!

I leave very early tomorrow morning to fly to St. Catharines, Ontario to give performances and lectures at Brock University and will have the opportunity to meet with First Nation peoples, Anishinaabe, and Six Nations members (Mohawk specifically). I have attached my schedule of activities there.

I am also sending you a picture of my long awaited approval by the Research Ethics Board, much needed for my research here. It typically takes this long and I must have it in order to publish any of my research with human participants here.

I travelled to the Samson Cree reserve in Maskwacis Wednesday evening for a Memorial Tea.  This was a deeply moving event for me and I would love to share it with you in person some time.  It involved the sharing of many different foods and all waiting until the Elder said it was time to eat, several songs with drums (no dancing other than a little movement while standing in place), a potlatch like time of multitudinous gift giving after all the gifts had been blessed with a smudging ceremony using sweet grass, passing around photos of the one being memorialized, family members speaking, and more songs with drumming and then going home.

Last Saturday, for the first time since I arrived here January 1st, I went to the movies with another young lady who lives here and the landlady. We went to see KONG for the pure entertainment of it.  I actually really liked the movie, the scenery and cinematography were terrific and the acting was good.  I was surprised to see John C. Reilly in a serious role and I believe he was the best actor in the film.

I attended a very good lecture by a Penobscot Wabanaki Indian, Rebecca Sockbeason, on Anti-Racism and Aboriginal Education.  She had two quotes at the beginning: “It’s really something when you think about how often we think of white people, everyday and how very little if ever they think or consider us.”  by Ssipsis, Penobscot Elder/Scholar and: “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, and if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”  – Maya Angelou

You may have already seen the photos on Facebook of the Fulbright cohorts having a lunch meeting.  I am attaching those here too.

We share a great camaraderie. Zack Thill (left side of photos) is from Oregon and is actually a Fulbright student about to finish his doctorate.  His field is as a Geographer. Jorge Zumaeta is a Fulbright Scholar from Florida International University in the field of Economics.  They accompanied me to my performance at The King’s University yesterday.

More later….


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Brock U schedule FINAL_Dr. Thomas schedule of activities


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