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If you are a male member of the church (or even if you are not a member), like to discuss and learn about various topics as well as enjoy breakfast in the company of others once a week, then come join us for the Men’s Breakfast.   We meet every Thursday morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am at Grandy’s on Texoma Parkway and would love to have your company.

We discuss a varied selection of topics ranging from history of the area, geography, current events, personal hobbies of interest, interesting books we have read, historical events and many, many more.  We have had topics presented recently on Doc Holliday, Will Rogers, Winston Churchill, the Hubbel telescope, history of car manufacturers, sports and many other topics of interest, import and fun. The conversation is always spirited and lively.

Joys and Concerns of the church are discussed and opportunities to minister with the combined talents of the group are always being sought and filled. The group generally volunteers for church projects, such as helping cook for the church picnic, Handy Helper projects and others when the need arises.

So come join us on Thursday mornings at 7:00 am at Grandy’s on Texoma Parkway!  We welcome new attendees and the interesting conversation, experiences and presentations they bring.  The current schedule of topics and presenters is below.

Schedule of topic presenters:


Nov. 16 — Sid Davidson

Nov. 23 — Thanksgiving, no meeting

Nov. 30 — Ron Roberts

Dec. 7 — Pete Reese

Dec. 14 — Art Stoolfire

Dec. 21 — Walter Brice

Dec. 28 — John Denton

Jan. 18, 2018 — Clyde Hall (early request)

(Prior topics: Texas State Capitol, largest Texas ranches, WWII, early Grayson County and Red River War, Milton Hershey and the Hershey Company, Aerial combat flight, Rio Olympics, Valles Caldera National Park, U-2 aircraft, Thomas Jefferson, Isle Royale National Park, Lockheed Martin, history of Hagerman, Political songs, History of baseball in Sherman, B 52 bomber,World religions, Thanksgiving, scientific myths debunked, The White House, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse sculpture, The health care system, Killing the Rising Sun, Billy the Kid, Oklahoma state borders, diners, Lake Superior, historical trivia, semiconductors, Casey Neistats videos, Texas and California trivia, Lake Champlain, Colin McKinney and Red River Colony, Rivers in the U.S., worldwide trivia, tax laws and cheats, cribbage, Jackie Robinson, GPS system, Hagerman update, VSED end of life, MOAB & FOAB military bombs, Famous highways, Hubbel telescope, Doc Holliday, music conductors, Grayson County courthouses, history of steamboats, firearms that changed the rules, Sherman businesses, sayings of Churchill, Will Rogers and Mark Twain, Michigan, American history, history of car manufacturers, history of video, the gunfight at the OK Corral, Yellowstone, The Rio Grande, history of medicine in Sherman and Grayson County)




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