Preschool Staff

Preschool Staff

Our teachers have many gifts, but the best quality our teachers have is that they love each and every child as their own. Our experienced staff has an average of 13 years at our preschool. Each teacher is certified in CPR and First Aid, completed background checks, and receives continuing education annually.

Mrs. Rhyan: Preschool Director


Mrs. Rhyan is elated to be our Director of Education for Covenant Presbyterian Preschool of Sherman since 2021.  She grew up in the Collin/Grayson County area and knows the surrounding area and many of the great people who live and work here.  “It is a great place to live, work and raise a family!”

Rhyan has over 20 years of experience in early childcare and is very committed to providing children, parents, and staff with a safe, secure, and happy environment. She very dedicated to helping Covenant Presbyterian Preschool of Sherman continue to be the premier preschool in Sherman!

She enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Along with enjoying singing, traveling, the arts, camping and donating her extra time to local charities and churches. She looks forward to meeting and working with all of you!

Mrs. Robbin: Teacher of 2 Year Olds


Robbin Rankin is a passionate and dedicated early childhood educator specializing in teaching two-year-old’s for over 25 years. With a nurturing spirit and a wealth of experience, Robbin creates a warm and stimulating environment where toddlers can thrive and discover the wonders of the world around them.

With over 25 years of experience in early childhood education, Robbin possesses a deep understanding of child development and the unique needs of young learners. Her journey in the field began with a profound love for working with children and a commitment to making a positive impact on their lives.

As a two-year-old teacher here at Covenant Presbyterian Preschool, Robbin approaches her role with patience, empathy, and creativity. She designs engaging activities and hands-on experiences that encourage exploration, curiosity, and growth. Whether it’s introducing sensory play, facilitating social interactions, or fostering language development, Robbin tailors her teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each child under her care.

With her unwavering dedication and genuine passion for teaching, Robbin Rankin creates a nurturing and enriching learning environment where two-year-olds can flourish, laying the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, exploration, and success.

Robbin is a mother, grandmother, and wife. She married the love of her life 34 years ago. In her extracurricular activities, she enjoys traveling with family, hiking and anything outdoors.

Ms. Marie: Teacher’s Aide of 2 Year Olds/Culinary Specialist


Marie Schillerwein is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience working with children. Specializing as a teacher’s aide in our two-year-old classroom, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. In addition to her duties as a teacher’s aide, Marie is also the culinary specialist for our preschool-aged children, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating habits and sensory experiences in early childhood development.

Marie is dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where toddlers can learn and grow. Her experience and creativity allow her to assist the lead teacher in developing engaging and age-appropriate activities for the children in her care. Outside of her professional life, Marie enjoys exploring new recipes and spending time outdoors with her wonderful dog “Whiskey Girl”, horseback riding and hiking. She has also received many awards through the American Heart Association.  Her passion for working with young children shines through in her commitment to their well-being and education.

Mrs. Lena: Teacher of 3 Year Olds


Lena Brantner is a dedicated educator with a specialization in teaching three-year-old children. She was serving as a substitute teacher for five years, gaining valuable experience and honing her skills in managing young learners. Lena is passionate about fostering a nurturing and supportive environment where children can thrive and learn. Lena is also the wife of a retired veteran and mother of two beautiful children.

In Lena’s spare time she is a small business owner of an online store “The Olive Branch”. Lena’s business is completely faith based. Her goal is to shed light during difficult times and plant seeds of faith and extend an olive branch to those who need it; by creating eco – friendly, and nontoxic candles, wax melts and soaps that show honor to God’s word. Each product is specially crafted and labeled with a verse of scripture directly from the Bible to spread the word of God and provide each customer with a relaxing and uplifting experience.

Lena loves the Lord and wants to spread the word of God and plant seeds of faith in any way she can to bring someone closer to God whether she is doing it in her classroom or her own business! What an amazing women of faith!

Ms. Maggie: Teacher of  4/5 Year Olds


Ms. Maggie became apart of Covenant Presbyterian Preschool after volunteering with Covenant Summer Camp in 2021. She has earned an Associate Degree in Sociology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Studies and a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Throughout Ms. Maggie’s time in high school and college, she has spent many hours volunteering in schools, as well as, being a mentor to many school-age children. One of her greatest inspirations is her mother, who has taught school for thirty plus years in the local school district. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching the Dallas Cowboys, SEC Football, and watching the Hallmark Channel. Ms. Maggie is truly a blessing to our amazing Covenant Presbyterian Preschool Team.

Ms. Maggie believes that “No task is too hard and no dream is too big.”

Ms. Tamie: Teacher’s Aide of 4/5 Year Olds


Tamie McCulley dedicated to her role as a pre-K aide teacher. With a nurturing spirit and a wealth of knowledge, she assists in creating a positive and engaging learning environment for young children. Tamie’s passion for education is evident in her interactions with her students, as she strives to support their growth and development.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Tamie is a wonderful grandmother, bringing warmth and love to her family. Her experience as a grandparent enhances her understanding of the unique needs and joys of childhood, further enriching her work with young learners. Tamie’s commitment to both her role as an educator and her family life demonstrates her dedication to fostering a bright future for the next generation.

Ms. Spencer: Teacher of 4/5 Year Olds


Nathalia Spencer who has been with Covenant Presbyterian Preschool since 2015. She was born and raised in Sherman, TX. She received her Associates Degree from Grayson College and her Bachelors Degree in Dance from Chapman University in California all while raising her wonderful son as a single parent. She has been in education for over 15 years. She started as a teacher’s aide at the Fred Douglass school and when a position for lead teacher at Covenant Preschool opened, she was eager to apply the things she had learned over the years. She loves seeing when the students learn something new, and they get excited. Even though she wears many hats, such as being a mother to her sweet cousins, church nursery worker and PreK teacher, in her spare time she likes to travel, dance and watch old movies.

Mrs. JoAnn: Teacher’s Aide/Bookkeeper


Joann Stegman is a dedicated educator and meticulous bookkeeper who has devoted over 32 years of her life to serving her Covenant Presbyterian Preschool community in both roles. With a passion for both numbers and nurturing young minds, Joann has made a significant impact on the lives of countless students and colleagues throughout her career.

Joann’s journey in education began over three decades ago when she discovered her love for teaching and her talent for managing finances. Combining her dual passions, she embarked on a career path that allowed her to make meaningful contributions both inside and outside the classroom.

As a teacher, Joann’s commitment to her students goes beyond the curriculum. She believes in creating a supportive and engaging learning environment where every child feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Whether teaching mathematics or imparting valuable life lessons, Joann’s dedication to her students’ success is unwavering.

In addition to her teaching duties, Joann also serves as a trusted bookkeeper, meticulously managing the financial affairs of our school with precision and integrity. Her attention to detail and strong organizational skills have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues, who rely on her expertise to keep the school running smoothly.

Throughout her career, Joann has remained a constant source of inspiration and support for her students and colleagues alike. Her tireless dedication, kindness, and professionalism have left a legacy that extends far beyond the classroom.

As Joann reflects on her years of service, she remains grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and looks forward to continuing her journey of impact and growth in the years to come.

Mrs. Misty: Teacher Substitute


Misty is a loving Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Wife, Teacher and best of all Women of God. The most amazing part about her is that in her spare time she works at Covenant Presbyterian Preschool in Sherman Texas (our preschool) as a substitute. Misty is a kind-hearted and nurturing substitute teacher known for her compassionate approach to education. With a warm smile and a genuine love for children, Misty creates a welcoming atmosphere where students feel valued, supported, and inspired to learn. Misty’s driven passion for making a difference in the lives of young learners is undeniable. Her journey as a substitute teacher began with a desire to bring joy and positivity to classrooms, even in the absence of regular instructors.